Best European Film Award, Reale Film Festival, Milan, Italy 2017
Audience Award for Best Short Narrative, Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival, USA 2017

Anja is a woman who knows everything about cars but nothing of herself.

Two days before her retirement Anja makes a decision: She will not leave her work in a rental cars parking hall deep under the ground, a place where she has worked for 45 years like a queen bee nursing cars and the men around her. But when the boss upstairs sends a young trainee down who is ready to replace her, Anja is forced to face the fact – her life as she knows is coming to an end.

There is not a single flaw Anja wouldn’t detect when it comes to cars but now Anja herself falls apart in a scale no one has ever experienced before. While the men celebrate the world championship of ice hockey, Anja ends up hiding alone in a ski box at the bottom of the darkest grease pit. 

When the morning of her very last working day rises, Anja gets an unexpected invitation. She makes a journey upstairs to meet her biggest enemy. In front of the mighty boss Anja gets a second chance. She sees the world outside and her own existence in a new, wider perspective.

director: Mari Mantela
producer: Klaus Heydemann
music: Panu Aaltio

Release date: June 2017 (Brooklyn Film Festival)