Bodom opens in theaters

The Finnish horror film Bodom, inspired by the true events at Lake Bodom in the 60s, opened in Finnish theaters this weekend.

The premiere was held at the Tennispalatsi multiplex, at the newly renovated theater 1, where Bodom also made history as one of the first Finnish films to feature a Dolby Atmos mix.

Initial response been excellent, with Ilta-Sanomat (in Finnish) writing "Taneli Mustonen's direction is the first international quality horror film out of Finland" and "Daniel Lindholm's skillful cinematography, Aleksi Raij's snappy editing and Panu Aaltio's successful music guarantee an intensive 90 minutes".

Helsingin Sanomat (in Finnish) gave the film 4 out 5 stars, remarking among other things "One of Bodom's main themes is jealosy. It reaches its pinnacle in the flashback scene, where a repeated line from the main character becomes a part of a pounding synthesizer song. It's an ingenious way of describing how a thought can become an obsession."

Finland's largest film magazine Episodi (in Finnish) wrote "Sound designer Panu Riikonen and composer Panu Aaltio have done a magnificent job. Rarely has a Finnish film had such convincing sound."



Producer Aleksi Hyvärinen speaking at the premiere, with director Taneli Mustonen third from right 

Panu Aaltio