Rolli and the Secret of All Time in theaters

Rolli and the Secret of All Time (includes music samples) opened in Finnish theaters last weekend with 129 copies and 23,064 viewers, which made it the weekend's most watched Finnish film.

The film, a grand adventure that continues the story of Rölli, the most well-known and beloved Finnish fictional character, was directed by Taavi Vartia and produced by Marko Röhr, and contains over 60 minutes of music composed by Panu. The music was recorded with the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, and features the choir from Budapest Scoring Symphony Orchestra.

Smack the Jack (in Finnish) writes in their review "The story has been made into a real adventure film, hints of which were there already in previous Rölli films, but not to this extent. Vartia doesn't lose sight of the wonderful smallness of these films, but instead has managed to create a small grand adventure."

The review by FilmiFIN (in Finnish) notes among other things "As a whole the fifth Rölli film looks very good, with Jyri Hakala's wonderful cinematography accompanied by Panu Aaltio's great score that pays tribute to John Williams and Ennio Morricone."

Panu Aaltio